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At home everywhere

A studio needs a home, and our home is here in Berlin. But what if your music requires your home – or a specific hall, a specific church, or an old run-down factory building? No problem, we will come to you. Our high quality mobile equipment is very adaptable and feels at home anywhere. Especially when recording on site, our immense experience in working at countless recording locations around the world pays off. Whether the task is to set up equipment to meet a deadline, to handle difficult acoustic conditions, or, for that matter, to make the most out of excellent acoustic conditions – you as the artist or producer can expect a professional result at all times.

Special wishes? – Special solutions

In the case of live recordings and recordings in connection with video we have some equipment that is unobtrusive to the eye yet technically of the highest quality. After all, it‘s you that should be heard and seen, not us. The process of synchronizing a recording with the video in post production is part of our standard repertoire, of course.


The quality standards we have in our studios apply equally to on-the-road recordings. Just because we box up our equipment doesn‘t mean that you will have to settle for lower standards. Of course, a single sound engineer can‘t split in two for jobs like this, but our team can. Thanks to our ample supply of equipment – e.g. the 300 studio microphones that are at our disposal – we are able to coordinate several recordings in different places at the same time.



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